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29 April 2024

SG IP FAST Pilot Programme extended till 31 December 2024  

The SG IP FAST pilot programme has been extended till 31 December 2024. 

Launched as the SG Patent Fast Track programme on 1 May 2020, this programme aimed to support the acceleration of patent applications in all technology fields, and was quickly expanded on 1 September 2020 to cover the acceleration of associated trade mark and registered design applications.  Our updates on the launch of the SG Patent Fast Track programme and its subsequent expansion can be accessed in the links below: 

Originally slated to end on 30 April 2022, IPOS first extended SG IP FAST for 2 years to 30 April 2024, and has now further extended the programme till 31 December 2024. Requests for acceleration of applications will be complimentary till further notice.

Under SG IP FAST, an applicant can expect the following accelerated timelines:

  • Straightforward patent applications can be granted in as little as 6 months, while non-straightforward ones can take up to 9 months

  • Straightforward trademark applications can be registered in as fast as 3 months, and non-straightforward ones in as fast as 6 months

  • Registered design applications can be registered in as fast as 1 month.

There is a monthly cap of 10 patent applications, with a further limit of 2 patent applications per entity (individual or corporate). However, there is no cap on the number of trademark and registered design applications that can be accelerated.

If you would like to find out more about SG IP FAST, please contact: 


Winnie Tham


Registered Patent Attorney

+65 6303 6217

Yee Swan_edited.jpg

Boo Yee Swan


Registered Patent Attorney

+65 6303 6229


Edmund Kok


Registered Patent Attorney

+65 6372 5488


Lo Wen Yu


Registered Patent Attorney

+65 6303 6227


Dr Liza Lam

Associate Director

Registered Patent Attorney


Dr Eugene Yang 

Registered Patent Attorney

+65 6303 8190

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