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6 April 2022


IPOS to Increase Official Fees from 29 April 2022 

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has announced that they will be revising their official fees with effect from 29 April 2022. The revised official fees will apply to payments made on or after 29 April 2022 and will affect official fees payable for patents, trade marks, registered designs, plant variety protection, geographical indications (GI) and hearings and mediation. These fee revisions are a result of changes in processes which IPOS will be implementing from 29 April 2022, ahead of the upcoming launch of IPOS Digital Hub on 4 May 2022. With the launch of the IPOS Digital Hub, IPOS will offer an enhanced user experience in the IP registration process.

Overall, the fee changes are quite significant and vary across the board for various IP rights. For trade marks, official fees will increase by 12 to 17% for filings and 16% for renewals. For patents, official fees will increase by around 5% during filing, prosecution and grant and 15 to 18% for renewals. However, for registered designs, the official fees for filings will be revised downwards by 20%. For plant varieties protection, the annual fees payable will increase by 50%. The fee increase for GIs is the most significant in terms of both percentage and quantum, as IPOS will increase the official fees for filing by 50% ($500).


For hearings and mediation, IPOS will be increasing the official fees for various proceedings across various stages. For instance, the official fees for filing an opposition, revocation or invalidation action will increase by 12 to 18%.

To save on costs before the increase in official fees come into effect, we recommend taking action to file and renew your IP rights before 29 April 2022 where possible.

Full details on the fee revisions can be found at Circular No. 1/2022.

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IP Protection & Management

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IP Protection & Management

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